It’s a gentle wake up call everyday with a brief digital visual dialogue which we hope to inspire you – to dream, to smile, to think, to question, to laugh, to care, or in times of adversities – the inspiration to persevere.

Start your day inspired and motivated to create a positive social change and to live a better and happier life.


Arts and culture permeates every aspect of our lives today. We believe that art is not only pieces of work in the museum, the galleries, the collectors home, or very atas!

Let’s face it, art is life! without realising it, art plays a big role in all its forms in our everyday lives, even more so in the digital life that we have now. So we want to create a digital visual dialogue with a picture that paints a thousand words.


We are a collaborative of creative professionals and students – photographers, hair & make up artists, designers, artists, digital marketeers, web designers, writers, thinkers, producers, stylists, costume designers, art directors, creative imaging artists who have come together to create this daily visual dialogue.

Hope this will inspire you to dream, to smile, to think, to question, to laugh, to care, … and live a better and happier life.

Contact us at fotd@faceoftheday.sg or join us on one of our maddening journeys putting together the bricolage or collaborate with us in creating this visual art experience.


Once a day, 369 days a year!

With those 4 extra days a year, what would you be doing to change the world? 

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